Valentine’s Day Goal – 52 Reasons Why I Love You!

We all know that positive reinforcement is the best way to change behavior, yet we sometimes focus on what’s wrong rather than what’s right. In our approach to relationships, we categorize the needs, values and qualities you want for a fulfilling relationship into 3 categories: “Gotta Have’s”, “Like to Have’s” and “Gotta Not Have’s”.

The “Gotta Have’s” and “Like to Have’s” add enjoyment and pleasure to your life. That’s the focus for right now. Whenever your partner does something that supports your pleasures in life, that’s something to recognize and appreciate.

So the goal leading up to Valentine’s Day is to focus on those aspects of your relationship that you really love or like, and to see how many you can record as your

Check-ins on the mobile app. Then, as you get to the 15th, see the trends for how often your needs were being satisfied. Of course, if something stormy happens don’t ignore it and record that too, but try not to focus on that for a change unless it’s really bad!

Wishing you many sunny moments to record!

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