“In trying to understand what happened with our marriage, and whether the problems could have been foreseen and avoided, I began to formulate the insights, tools, and framework that culminated in my book, The Balanced Relationship Barometer.  It’s all about knowing yourself and identifying what will truly make you fulfilled based on better self-awareness, and trends that can validate your future actions, rather than just letting inertia propel you forward.

This approach of being aware, and in communicating and taking steps to achieve a healthy relationship, has been validated by hundreds of people in different stages of relationships, and led me to support the book by developing the Relationship Barometer app.

I truly believe that this book and mobile app tool can help others avoid the pain of what happened to my family, and in having fewer children hear the words that I had to speak to my daughter when I “got divorced.”

Founder & CEO
The Balanced Relationship Barometer
& Relationship Barometer

I Shared My Story. Now It's Your Turn

I invite you to share your story about a relationship that was healthy, or one where you felt your needs went unfulfilled. If your story can inspire others, we’ll contact you for permission to share it, perhaps in a blog or a social media post. Together, we can help others make their relationships the best they can be.

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